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Scary sophie 72mm discovery


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I am currently working on my 72mm Sophie  :love:  and, partially due to the colors, when I turned her to look at her face full-on I found myself staring at none other than Micheal Jackson.  :oh:


Granted I AM doing her w/ black hair and med. light flesh, and with the eyeliner already there........


Anyone who has access to her tip her back a bit and turn her a touch to the right so as to see her face full front and there he is


:oo: not who I wanted to see in the middle of envisioning a completed Sophie :oo:

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Pictures.  I wanna see pictures.


I'm thinking paint fumes, though maybe a little too much glue?

If so, most likely the super glue  :oops:


I will TRY to get a pic, but I am having a terrible time even getting a pic of an entire mini to come out worth a $#!? with our camera  :(  


I can take a perfect photo of a dragonfly de-winging a butterfly but can't get a mini to not look like it's behind frosted glass. :down:

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I have the model, and I don't see it.


But I have a hard time making the leap from 72mike-mike succubi to wierdoes who used to make good music.



MMM.. I wouldn't have thought is was much of a leap at all..   :p

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