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Panty Pranks...


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Because as a society we've become uptight. My guess is that one of the reasons the coach vetoed it in the first place is the overreaction by others.


Meg - remember, most people seem to feel that what they ban isn't happening. You know - out of sight, out of mind.



They got rid of the shop classes/home economics (the actual cooking/sewing parts - they still have some BS class that teaches people how to balance a check book) three years ago due to safety concerns. I managed to get them started back up last year by offering my time for free and getting a pretty well bullet proof release form done up by my lawyer (releases the school from liability at least, I carry my own insurance just in case someone gets a bit too close to a table saw blade).


Government, in its myriad of forms, still holds to the belief that morality can be enforced and maintained through clever legislation. In reality, true morals can only be maintained by the heart and convictions of individuals and good parenting. That's my $0.02 worth.



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