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Sesame Street


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They don't have a point. Their point is as silly and strained and ignorant as any so-called "point" made since the Baby Boomers ushered in the era of over-protecting their glass-blown children in the early eighties.


Look, I understand there is a psychology to human growth which ought not be ignored. But somehow, the human race managed to survive millennia of god-awful treatment as children without being rendered exinct. I hardly think that Sesame Street, cookie-chomping notwithstanding, could ever stand as the focal point for rallying against preschool abuse.


These people think children are born idiots with no measure of self-restraint or ability to determine reality from fantasy. That is patently wrong. My favorite example is Loony Toons. Nobody stopped us from watching the Coyote get smashed or Bugs Bunny setting up Daffy to get blown away by Elmer. Yet, I have yet to conjure up a memory of childhood where a friend shoved a shotgun in another kid's face to see if he could blow his bill backward. I have yet to see an anvil dropped on anybody's head, and as far as I know, nobody has been reduced to jelly and dripped away at the sight of a really big, hairy red monster. I really doubt seeing the Cookie Monster eat a pipe is going to inspire anybody to smoke, or generate any thought other than what a whack-job he is.


I was a kid. I remember being a kid. And I have a kid. I got it, and he gets it. Cartoons and kid shows are just shows, and if you're lucky you learn something from them and get a little entertainment in the bargain. There is nothing wrong with Sesame Street in any of its incarnations.

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