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Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Lord Wehrmacht

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I despise football.


Unfortunately, I'll be subjected to it. Since we're going to my aunts, that's all that will be on. My uncle controls the tv. Here I could turn the thing off or unplug it, preventing him from forcing the rest of us to his small, sports-controlled, mind. There, I'll be bored to tears and wanting to leave as soon as we drive up.


I think I'll take a book, not that I'll get to read. SD will be escaping through his laptop and music, working. Mom will be stressing with her sister in the kitchen, and my cousins will be locked in their room playing video games that are boring and mind-numbing to watch.



I'll also have to watch Thomas.



I hate Thanksgiving.

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well thus far my thanksgiving has been great. i'm painting ALL DAY! I've been painting and prepping minis since 830 am and still going strong. Just cooking myself some lunch, drinking some cocoa and then back to painting up Mr. Thelgar! Also, soaking the Freebooter Wise Women to be prepped and start putting some paint on them. Such beautiful models!

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Well, I was able to ignore the football reasonably well, but was bored out of my skull. The food was good, we have tons of leftovers and the turkey stock is now cooking on the stove so we can use it for soup in the future.


Pie was awesome. I was able to do the lattice for the cherry pie with relative ease after a few pointers from the Food Network (hint: don't do it on the pie - duh!)


SD did a lot of running around chasing Thomas (thank you sweetie!!) and they played Guitar Hero in my cousin's room upstairs (which I didn't brave). Thomas was also entertained in chasing the cats around. He even ate some of the dinner (which he has never done as he has refused to try it). I didn't give him much of a choice, though, it was eat or starve. He did eat a lot of rolls, though. Baby steps, right?


We didn't spend much time there, really, and Thomas was pushing us to go home by the end. I think he would have carried me out to the car if he could have to get me to move faster.


Now he's sleeping on the couch downstairs. I should wake him soon. Maybe after a turkey sandwich.


That's my favorite part of this holiday. The leftover sandwiches and pie.

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