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Arnise, Female Warrior


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Well I will be the first to say that she needs improvements. I just could not get the paint to go on her right the whole time I was painting her. I got frustrated about an hour into her so I think it shows in the results. I was trying some new things and some came out ok and others I was not happy with. I guess I am going to have to break down and start learning how to work with NMM because I just cant get the metallics to look right on pics. I know it is sounds like and excuse but this mini really is camera shy and looks better in person. Tips and CC on how to improve are welcome.


Well here she is, in her not so glory form......





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Adenosine she looks really good - nothing to beat yourself up over for sure.


The eyes and face came out really well - and that is always the first place people look :poke: . As for the metallics - I can see where you wanted to make them a bit more shaded etc. - but these are really good - especially good control when picking out all of the knobby bits on her skirt.


I'd suggest maybe popping the highlights up a bit on the skin - but someone else is bound to tell you that anyway (and they are probably there to begin with - just getting lost in the picture).


Anyhow - I am saying good job - now get back to painting!!! ::P:

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Good work, Adenosine. No worries at all! Skin and eyes look good and so does the darklining. I agree with VV in that you could add a bit more highlighting to skin and perhaps hair. I find taking a pic of my mini quite helpful, in that it is quite merciless and shows often 2-10 mistakes that I hadn't spotted with my eyes, even after I have really tried to find those little spots that need more work. After this I get back to the painting table and keep on working. And yeah, it is frustrating :) but then again, you feel great after sitting down for an extra hour and you'll be extra happy about your mini too!

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That's really a good job. You managed to get the eye that is partially covered by her hair done, I can't ever get those right.


The matallics look good too, like she had them painted blue and some of the color has been knocked off in battle. I agree with PTF, while NMM if nice in some applications, Metallic paint looks much better when properly applied. I never realized this mini had a ponytail, I guess I really should open the blisters up every now and then.


John Lee

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