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Moving in to Contact Questions


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Being completely new to the game, I have a coule questions about movement in to contact. Basically, does the bases have to align, flat to flat, with each other (defender to attacker except when joining combats, then attacker to defender)?


It sure doesn't seem to say this in the rules, as the words, "...attacking Model having any flat portion of its base..." and then, "...Defending Model may rotate in place..."


The illustration and the photographs seem to infer that legal contact to initiate melee is Attacker's flat side to any point on the defender, but then one or the other must rotate to present a flat side to an opponent.


Am I right in assuming that in a many attacking one situation, that each attacking model strikes the defender, in turn, each getting the bonus for the others supporting while the defender gets a single defensive strike?


In a one attacking many situation, the attacker picks one model as the one attacked for each of its #MA and gets a single strike on that one which gets a single defending strike. All models are locked in melee (unless the choose to flee), though, and will fight in defending player's bound.


Example: A Celestail Lion (#MA=4) charges into the middle of the opposing player's troop and manages to contact three of the unlucky grunts. The undamaged lion proceeeds to gnaw on all three. In turn each defendering Model gets a defensive strike. In the next bound the three defending Models, in essence, become the attackers and each strike the lion with a +2. The lion, now the defender, would only get to defend against one, except it has the Warmaster ablitity which allows it #MA defensive strikes. Each Model attacking the lion receives one defensive strike except one unlucking individual who gets the left-over defensive strike.


How does one adjudicate a flying figure landing in a crowded area? My common sense tells me that all models that were under the base ofthe landing model simply move out of the way, but end in leagal contact (see above) and then play proceeds normally. Do flying models get charge bonuses?


Most of this would appear to be simple common sense or resolved during the game with good sportsmanship. However, when playing pick-up games with strangers, it's good to have some knowledge of how others are playing and what "official" ruling have been made.


Thanks for any advice you may offer.

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Ok, so I read the errata on the Reaper web site.


It is explicit. A defender does *not* have to turn to put flat on flat and gets to make a defensive strike. It's clear that opting not to so means that that model will not be able to attack unless it consumes a move action in its activation.

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