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Another Versus Thread


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I was at the local games shop in Port Arthur Texas and saw the Heroclix for Fin Fang Foom. It is quite large. I have been planning on buying the Horror Clix for Great Cthulhu. Now it is possible to actually play out some of my scenarios (if I spend the cash to do so) as there is a crossover from Heroclix to Horrorclix which centers on Hellboy. Depending on cash flow I'll play some of these out:


Cthulhu versus Superman (Cthulhu favored 18 to 1)

Cthulhu versus at the Fantastic Four (Cthulhu again)

Cthulhu versus at least 10 members of the Avengers (Finally a run for the money)

Cthulhu versus at least 10 Xmen (not a given either way)


That's for the miniatures I can work with. I was looking at the ancient red dragon from D&D miniatures and I think if all that stuff is to scale that there would be a battle royale between those two. Maybe it would have to be Tiamat or Bahamut to actually go toe to toe with the Ancient Old One, master of tentalcled horror.


I think Bahamut could take Cthulhu, Tiamat as well. But the Ancient Red wouldn't be able to take the calimari.

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I hadn't realized they were releasing Cthulhu figures. Has anyone leaked stats yet for the Great and Mighty Cthulhu, Oh Slimey one!


Let's see what I got in figures:


Great Cthulhu vs. Master Chief, 4 Hunters, 2 Warthogs and 10 Marines


Tentacle Face vs. 10 Mage Knight Orcs w/chain guns


The Great Cthulhu vs 5 Aliens and the Queen


Mr. Wet & Pallis vs 10 Predators




And the winna is, the Old God by a wing!

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Hrmm... I can run through these... I'll see if my Clixsters are interested in trying to take out Cthulu.


The stats are availible for Great Cthulu on Wizkids website, the figure's been out for over a year. AND if your FLGS deals with Alliance Games Distributor or Diamond Comics (same thing basically), they can still order you one at my last check. If not and you wants one... PM me. I'm getting rid of a bunch of figures from my own personal collection and would be willing to trade Cthulu for pewter.

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