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Pirate Sophie


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Well I finally finished her and will now shamelessly pimp her on cmon. If you care to vote THANKS! :wacko:






I tried posting the largest pictures I could get. If you see things you like or hate or just seem wrong feel free to tell me...we don't get better by fibben to ourselves. I learn by my failures so its always good to know both the good and bad of any one piece. Anyways, here you go.









Thanks for looken...and voten!



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That's really terriffic. I've seen those water bases around and have always wanted to try it. Your tutorial will be most helpful.

The only trouble is that I don't have the exceptional painting skills that you have. Everything seems to work on the colors. The only thing that I can find that doesn't work for me are the leaves. The leaves remind me of the forest or a far inland area, not of the beach, but that's just me.


John Lee

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Um... Yeah... Everything about this is top shelf...*


The fact you WIPed it as well is terrific. Thanks for sharing the whole process (well - would have been nice to see more of the painting of Sophie - but beggars can't be choosers yes/no?)


Take a bow!


Great - now get back to work! ::P:


* I hate to say it - but much like John Lee - I noticed the leaves - very minor - I still think this is one of the best minis I have seen in a long while.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I really do value all the feedback. The leaves do not belong in there. In fact they were a last second addition...kind of an impulsive act. In my mind I was thinking she was in a cove or inlet which may have trees drooping over it. In hind site, I wish I would have put something else. Anyways, it will all work to gether to hopefully make the next project better!


@ Versutus: YES! I will do a more in depth wip of a painted project. Hopefully it will explain blending better and in a more step by step manor! I would do the Christmas Carol Sophie but she is almost done and painted up so fast, I didn't take many (or any) pictures. I have my eyes on another model though and will do a write up on that! Stay tuned!



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Very, very talented work. That's the kind of quality newbies aspire to. So many excellent things incorporated into this piece of art that it's hard to really just point out one thing.


I'm glad to see the "water" worked out. I was wondering how it would turn out after that mini-tutorial from the other thread. Looking forward to your next project.

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Sorry, did I miss a post somewhere along the line? Where is the tute? I did enjoy following your thread on Creafigs though.


Beautiful work Ollie. You really bring out and represent well the cuteness that is Sophie. And the flag is awesome of course.


Did I meet you in SD, Aaron? I was living there a couple of years ago. I think I might have met you but I'm not sure. On the old website for the hobby store that I think you go to, I posted a couple of minis. The most memorable ones might have been the WarHammer elf command group. I also came by the store once. Do you remember me? :poke:


I'm happy to see that the painting community is becoming more cohesive there now!

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Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence everybody! I am pleasenty surprised/shocked/motivated, by the score on cmon and the really great responce from other painters in this community. I get a lot from chatten with you guys and gals and giving Anne a hard time about painting Sophies dress!!! (which she has started on yay!!!) ::D:

For the first time in my life (painting career, whatever you want to call it) I am understanding what I am doing when it comes to painting a miniature. I have been fortunate enough to have people share with me techniques and painting philosophies and I'd be happy to pass that on to anyone who wants to learn. (should there be some sappy music playing in the background right now?)


On to more important things!


@ Mclimbin: you sound familiar....whats your name??? Were you at Game Empire or Game Warehouse? All the locals chat on the Pacific Marauders website www.pacificmarauders.com Stop by and say high! We are doing a big GT in Febuary www.broadsidebash.com for 40K and Fantasy. I'm doing a painting lesson there as well so if your anywhere in California you should stop by and say high!...and I gotta tell ya...I WANT TO GROW UP TO BE A DEBASER!!!! Long live the Pixies!!! Oh, and the base tutorial is in my wip thread on this site. There was a lot of pictures and I was too lazy to post it on creafigs.


Anyways, on to the next project!



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