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Warlord Dwarfs


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Thank you Scotty.


After doing some other painting type stuff I finally got around to doing Herryk.


Here he is in all his priestly glory.


Herryk Aesir:




Next up will be Logan Battlefury, followed by King Thorgram. That will finish off the initial batch that I collected. There will of course be many more to follow after that.

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After a little bit of a detour with Baby Bluesabre arriving I managed to finish off Logan Battlefury:




King Thorgram is next, then we shall be moving onto my next batch of purchases including a Dire Bear, Lesser Earth Elemental and some pathfinders to mention a few.


Thanks for looking as always, and comments crits on what I've done are always appreciated.

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Thanks for the comments guys.


Here I give you the King himself.





This means the first batch is officialy done, I shall endevour to get a group shot posted up in the next few days.


As always thanks for looking, comments etc always appreciated.

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Finished the Dire Bear yesterday, as you can see drybrushing played a major role here.




Now that he's done, the order of things to do goes something like this: 2 Miners, Psychotic dwarf riding similarly psychotic boar, 2 Pathfinders and too finish this batch off a lesser Earth Elemental.


So far the bases have all been done and the figures undercoated black.


Until next time, Thanks for looking.


Comments/Crits always welcomed.

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