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Dino Mummy


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Meg, you didn't miss much. While it was cool to see actual dino skin texture, they had made it sound like they were going to reveal much more info than they actually did.


The two most interesting things they discovered are:

1) The tail is much thicker (top to bottom) than they had assumed. This is where the muscles powering the rear legs were, and they now estimate that it could move at ~28 mph, 10 mph faster than T-Rex.


2) They discovered that there were ~1 cm gaps in between each vertebrae, adding about a meter to the length of the beast. Most of the dino skeletons in museums have them right next to each other. I hadn't thought of it before, but it makes perfect sense. I don't know why they didn't assume dinos had disks between vertebrae before, as we do.


Overall though, they over-sold the show, as T.V. so often does.

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