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Friar Stone


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He's awesome. As usual you leave me amazed fill me with a desire to be better than I am.


It's great to have you back at it again. I certainly understand the job/kids/life thing taking away from the painting time. Then there are the painting blahs where one just can't face the studio for a while. (It is for all these reasons that it has been two year and I still don't have Cinder painted.


Although I must confess I don't remember how long I spent painting. After GenCon, I think my days of speeding are over. :devil:


Taking it slower for fun isn't a bad thing. It's the "smelling the roses along the way' sort of thing. ::):


So how's your back doing? I've been wondering how you fared after the whole ProjectJester thing last spring.


Take care,



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HAH HAH! I just saw this this morning! I finally get to see a Jester-job on one of my figs! Awesome work man, I especially like the water in the bottle VERY nice touch there. Great on all technical fronts, everything looks nice and smooth and clear..............


I am also very flattered that you took what little time you have to paint to paint up one of my figures. Thanks for a great job man. he almost looks Christmasy. ::D:


I have the sneaking suspicion that pictures do not do the work justice though. I just hope it won' tbe so long between now and your next post.:;):

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He looks super, and it's great to hear that you're getting back to painting as time allows. I particularly like the way you brought out the character in the face, and the water bottle and barrel are striking too. Well the whole thing looks great truthfully. :->

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hey a Jester sighting!!!


one of my fav sculpts! Great work on the colors


If I ever get back into painting like I did many years ago, this one will be one of the first I try. Your's is a inspiration to me.



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What, did you guys think I had retired to the "Old Painters Home" or something?





*takes a drag offa the ol' corn-cobb pipe. Rocks. Alot*


I seen it with m'own two eyes! He had a nitrous tank attached to his walker and launched himself over th' fence he did!

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