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Do you dip?

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I've noticed a great variance between whether people dip their minis or not. Some people swear by it, others say it's terrible. My thought for this discussion is two-fold...


Do you or do you not dip? Why? Those are the (first) questions.


How do you do it? This is for those of you that dip... what's your technique.


I'm also curious to hear from some of you folks that use a dip as a sealer... I'm curious about what you use and the how/why/product you use.



I currently do not dip my minis. I would say the reason is that I've just started the part of this hobby where I'm doing multiple paint jobs of the same one or two minis. Before October this year, I only painted one or two individual minis at a time for RPG stuff. <_<


Well, there you go... discuss.



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I 'dipped' my reven force but used Magic Wash instead of wood stain.


They turned out decent enough but I won't be dipping anything going forward. I'm willing to take the time to add a little more detail.


The reven were basecoated then magic wash. No additional highlights.

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I read about it for a while and saw some pics of dipped minis that looked rather good. I got up the nerve to try it on some GW Beastmen I had painted or had about half finished. I liked the results and will probably use it to paint "Army" miniatures or any minis I need a mass of. For RPG characters and just painting for show I will spend more time adding the detail.



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Here's what I did.


Base coat with mid to high colors. The dip/wash will darken them. Clean up your lines so everything is the color you want it.


Using a large-ish soft brush you can control (I think I use a #3 round for this) use Magic Wash* to cover the fig. Make sure you get it in all the recesses.


Let dry thoroughly!


If needed, add a few highlights.


* Magic Wash has been described many times. I use 3 parts glaze medium, 3 parts water and 1 part brown liner. Glaze medium can be replaced with brush-on matte varnish. Either one can be found by the craft paints at many stores.

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