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Ragnor (one year later)


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Most of you probably have no idea who I am, but I used to post here a bit. I stopped posting here mostly because I started painting minis from companies other than Reaper. It wasn't anything against Reaper; just branching out and expanding my horizons.




It was a year ago in September (2006) that I painted my very first miniature, Ragnor the Barbarian from Reaper. It was definitely a fun experience and ignited the passion (obsession?) for miniature painting. I always said that I wanted to go back and paint another one to see how I had progressed and I finally got the chance.


The first one (either on top or on the left, depending on your screen size) is from 2006; the other is the most recent one.




I still have a long way to go and my basing still needs some work, but I think I have improved since that first attempt.


I've used the same photo from 2006 as well, just to see (and show) how my photography has progressed along with my painting.


Edit: there are a couple of places that are a bit rough that I should have cleaned up, but I didn't see them until after I had uploaded the pictures. Yet another lesson learned. :)

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Good job on him, the basing looks really good as well.


Can really see the difference between the skin on the two different pics. Looks like a lot more highlighting and shading on the more recent one. Big improvement

Think the skin tone could use a bit more brown and red to give him a more rugged taned look though. From the pic it just seems to look awful yellow to me.

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