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Airbrush Priming


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Hi there,


Could anyone offer advice as to what kind of paint to get to use as a primer? I know that paint and primer are different, but I'd like to use an airbrush to prime with and it's hard to fine a black primer in a bottle. I tried using citadel chaos black paint, but it actually rubbed off of the plastic rather easily. I thinned it with windex, as per advice I heard on here. RMS primers will take a while to get up here and I'd like to experiment with things that could be purchased locally.


Has anyone used any artist airbrush colors to prime? Like createx or golden airbrush colors? They are supposed to go on smooth but I'm not sure how they would take paint over them.


Thanks for any advice.





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Plastic minis?


Rustoleum plastic primer is very good and should be available everywhere. It comes in white only, but you can tint the primer with a bit of pigment (most places that have artist paints will have some artist's pigments for mixing your own paint). The exact mix will take a bit of experimenting to get right - but a little pigment goes a long way (10 to 1 primer to pigment is normally enough).


If you want to use a normal paint as a primer, water based paints are generally a bad idea. They don't adhere very well, so you generally will want to use an enamel (consider the additional safety issues with airbrushing enamels though). They adhere much better than water based paints, and provide a suitable substrate for acrylic paints once dry.

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I have used Golden transparents paints but not the opaque. They airbrush quite well from what I have read. I have not used Createx but their info states that they are usable for "hobbies" which generally means plastic models. The price is cheap enough to give it a try. I found them at Dick Blick Art Supplies. Have ordered many times from them with no trouble.


good luck


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