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Miniature exchange for Fruggs


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Finally got her done after a hard time of it, and with Fruggs permission to post, here she is. Think she came out pretty well overall, it was my first attempt at doing a cloak with a pattern like this, doesnt look as good as the cover art but if it did I suppose I would be painting for a manufacturer then. :poke:

Still have a few little touch ups to do, some things I noticed in the pics


Hope you like it Fruggs








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Thank you for the comments everyone.


As for the cloak, the origonal box art had alot more colors on it, very well done and quite abit beyond my skill. Guess I just keep looking at that as a comparison is all. :rolleyes: Know I shouldnt but I do.


Antnol- What are you talking about? :blink: Your alot better painter than I am, I'm sure you could do one of these up no problem.

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Thanks again guys, Guess I'm my own worst critic when it comes to painting.

I was going for more of a realistic toned down look with her, looks like I might have got it by all your comments.

Took alot of playing around to get the armor right. It was done in a NMM with just alittle highlighting in metallics. Found the recipe on accident really. The old bronze look came from a glaze of evergreen thicket over a brown/ yellow ocher and a wash of reaper brown ink.


The pics seemed to come out a bit blurry though, must have been a glare of something, probably the white background. Think I had this problem before once. <_< Have to see if I can fix that next time



Mad jack- She is pretty decent size, 75mm is about 5 or 5 1/2" tall. Seems bigger than some of the 90mm stuff I've done. I've noticed the kits from Europe are different compared to are scale, she is bigger than reapers 73mm sophie though.

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