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Today is Silver

Catman Jim

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Today is a special day for me, and I just have to let everyone know. Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. On December 19, 1982, Andrea & I started our life together, and are still going strong with three grown children & one granddaughter.

We celebrated our anniversary last month; following another two week business trip to Switzerland, we took a week vacation to Italy. We visited Florence, Pisa, and several Tuscan hill towns. Here's a few pictures of us:


Chateaux Chillon castle in Montreux Switzerland


Leaning Tower of Pisa


On top of the Tower


We are spending today together Christmas shopping, she doesn't know yet but I will be surprising her with jewelry tonight at dinner (I just need to insist that we do a nice restaurant, after all, it's only our Silver Anniversary once!).

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Thank you to all for the well-wishes, we had a great day!


I hope to get back to Europe someday. Perhaps before my 25th anniversary.


That is what we love about having our children all grown-up, it freed us to travel. Last year, for our 24th anniversary, we went to Paris for a few days following another Swiss business trip.


Matterhorn at Zermatt, Switzerland



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25 years warms my heart! In this age of divorce and families falling apart, it makes me so happy to see people still holding it all together, and enjoying it to-boot! ::):


Congrats on the 1/4 century mark! I wish you many happy years to come! Thanks for sharing with us!



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I meant to post on the actual day for yah, but congrats on 25 years.


Great looking pictures, wouldn't mind takin in Europe someday myself.


My wife & I hit 10 this year.


Congrats & hope the next 25 are golden for yah!!!



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