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The Dark Knight Trailer is out!


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For my fellow Batman fans, you can now enjoy the official full trailer at thedarkknight.com. Saw it the other night before I Am Legend and was BLOWN away! I had my doubts about Ledger playing Joker, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised on his take. Nolan is definitely grounding him in the real world as he did with Begins, he still has the makeup but his smile is not the graphic novel or '89 Batman Nicholson grin. It's more of a scar really, seems the makeup is more to hide or maybe even amplify it. He's wearing the proper clothes but he's dirty and ragged looking and it really seems to work. Only concern I have now is that Nolan doesn't get carried away with that stupid shakey cam for the fight scenes like he did with Begins. That really ruined the fight scenes I thought, only one place did it work and that was at the dock. Other than that it should not have been the frenetic movement it was throughout all the others. Can't wait til July!

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Batman has the greatest Rogue's gallery of any comic book hero. Joker is the #1 villain of that gallery.


What is a director to do? Skip past the annoying origin story, facial scarring, and personality of the Joker so that he can be used to tell The Harvey Dent Story.


In Ledger's defense, at least he is showing the character his due amount of respect. :grr:

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Problems with the Trailer.


Batman Begins ended with the Joker's escape from Arkham. They know something of this criminal, and they are already looking for him. The guy in the clown makeup inside of the jail cell is already wanted by the police. They should not be complaining that they do not know who he is.


Guns on the BatmanopodocycleoChristmastoy. Batman does not use guns. This was established within the first few issues of the comic book. (On that note, is Bruce Wayne really rich enough to steal James Bond's weapons expert?)


Rebellion against the 80s/Burton series led to Tron(New Batsuit) versus Mommy Dearest (awful Joker makeup). Maybe he'll get a gray suit and blue cape for the third movie.


The Joker is not a second-string villain. To quote the director:

Well, we never wanted to do an origin story for the Joker in this film. The arc of the story is much more Harvey Dent's;
To paraphrase, "The Joker is being glossed over in favor of Two-Face." Brilliant. :angry:


"The original feel." No. Joker trumping Two-Face and Batman being a self-made vigilante who refuses to use guns would be the original feel. This is dark and full of angst, but there was more to the original comic books than people whining a lot.


I'm a bigger fan of the Joker than even of Batman. The first movie made me unhappy in a way I could get around by not ever watching it again.

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Nice! I'm not a DC fan, but it looks like with these last two movies they finally got the 'look and feel' of Batman right.
Then why are there guns on the Batmocycle?

In some of his early appearances, Batman uses guns (see especially Detective Comics #32, September 1939), but he uses them less over time, later eschewing their use because a gun was used to murder his parents. Some stories relax this rule, allowing Batman to arm his vehicles for the purpose of disabling other vehicles or removing inanimate obstacles. In two stories, The Dark Knight Returns and The Cult, Batman used machine guns loaded with rubber bullets rather than live ammunition. In the 1989 Batman film, firearms figure more prominently in the Dark Knight's arsenal; machine guns and grenades are mounted on the Batmobile, and missiles and machine cannons on the Batwing.

Source Wilipedia


Batman with gun


Batman started out as merely a cowled detective, a two guns blazing, fist fighting kind of guy. (In essence, a rip off of the Shadow)

Only later did he start using the batarangs, and the martial arts, as well as the bat-copter, the bat-mobile, the Bat-shark repellent. The 60's through the 90's made him the trained by ninjas super technologically advanced hero he is today. (although, there was a brief stint in the 70's where Batman was deputized and required to wear a gun. He carried a Colt 1911 .45 in a thigh holster.)

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Ah...but you stated Batman does not use guns in a kind of "never" tone, Batman's origins are in guns.

And 68 years with the exception of "Batman: The Killing Joke" and "Batman: The Cult".

[shrug]It's all in how you interpret Batman. I don't see a guy who has no problem dressing up in a costume fighting crime, spending millions on bat computers, bat mobiles, bat boats, etc. etc, having a bit of schizophrenia, and huge helping of obsession as having a problem with using a gun if the circumstances call for it.


However, I do see a huge character flaw in that he continues to let the Joker live knowing that he will only escape again to kill dozens of people. The very early Batman would never have allowed that to happen.

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