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Spring '08 Exchange

John Lee

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I believe CBPs spring exchange was the 20 person exchange, which is full.


Technically, the 20 person exchange will end before Spring starts, so it is more of a Winter exchange. So, there could still be a Spring exchange. Alternately, you could always organize your own (the "@!%@! I missed the 20 person exchange" exchange?). ::):



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Basically, I did the 20 person exchange because I wanted the sign-up time to be shorter. When I leave it open for months, many of the people that don't get their minis done in time don't do it because they 'forgot' they signed up. I was trying to avoid this. I'll do rotating 20 person, or 48 hour, or whatever exchanges now as I finish the mini I have to paint for current exchanges.


As for rules/procedures, etc:


You send your name, address, and preferences for painting/receiving to the individual doing a mini exchange. This person compiles the names/requests and, after a set amount of time, sends out the assignments to everyone. When you receive your assignment, you have a certain amount of time to get the mini painted and sent to the recipient.


You do not know who is painting for you. It is probably not the same person you are painting for (although there's an off chance it MIGHT be). Everyone paints around in a big circle for everyone else.


Only reaper minis are allowed, since this is a reaper mini exchange.


That should answer the basics. Feel free to ask any other questions and I'll do my best to answer

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