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Well we all can pay for our trips to gencon...


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He has a pic of himself on his "me" page, see if he is a AO.


If not, well, he could have saved up his schwag and got one.  Now he doesn't want it.  He does say he has "Probaly 50,000 miniatures..."


I don't see this as such a sin (but then I've not ordered any Reaper schwag so don't know if it comes with a "you can't sell this" warning) if he's not a AO.


Yeah, the "Well we all can pay for our trips..." got me in here...

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There is a difference here.  If it is someone who got it free from Reaper for whatever reason (Playing in a demo, blister points whatever).  Then him selling it is fine its his and that is his perogitive.


However, if it IS an AO and he is selling those instead of giving them away.  That is a situation that should be dealt with.  


I hand out CD's for a record company after concerts.  They send me TONS of free swag to pass out.  They caught a Street Team member selling those demos on ebay.  He got booted from the team instantly.


Like I said though there is a difference.

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