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20 person exchange is full

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Trying something different this time. Only accepting 20 people, then cutting it off-I'll change the topic when it's closed. That way, we don't have people 'forgetting' they signed up because it's not as long of a sign up period.



1) Only sign up if you truly believe you can finish the mini

2) MINIS ARE DUE 2 MONTHS AFTER I SEND ASSIGNMENTS this date will be placed in this thread too.

3) Only Reaper minis please

4) You are not painting for the person who is painting for you (probably)

5) Have fun!


So, if you wanna join, PM me. I need your REAL name, your address (I don't care if you're my next door neighbor and I've memorized it, if I don't have this, you don't get on the list). I also need to know what kind of mini you're interested in. If you play D&D and want a monster, let me know. If you play elves and would love someone new to add to your army, I'd love to hear that too. If you have any restrictions (such as no exposed breasts) I need to know that too. Please let me know if you'll ship internationally. If you don't say, I'll assume that's a no.


So, first 19 people....GO! (cause I'm number 1)




3) Rastl Deeperdown

4) Froggy the Great

5) Stubbdog

6) Valloa

7) Deguello

8) Warlady

9) Jen

10) John Lee

11) vutpakdi

12) sethohman

13) NeccoWafer

14) kalapurusha

15) Verstus Vulpes

16) Mortiana27

17) Aphrella

18) Dragon Snack

19) dargrin

20) bleujenna

21) helltown

22) Spike


Because two people PMed me almost simultaneously, we're at 21, but it's all good! We're cutting it off here. Give me a little while to look over requests and form a circle, and I'll PM you all shortly.

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Dangit... day late and a dollar short.


If this works out and you do another, count me in. I like the short-attention-span format.

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Okay, I was intending this more to make it a shorter sign up time. Since it took JUST over 24 hours, I'm happy to add those last two of you to make it 23 if you can get the info to me soonish. I just want to send out assignments this year.

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I've been waiting and waiting to sign up for another mini exchange because I had to bow out of the summer one. Oh well, can't blame you for trying to get a handle on the logistical nightmare it seemed to shaping into. Guess I need to start looking again for the next one late February.

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I'm on a winter vacation right now which ends January 22nd. When I finish my mini, I'll start a new round. This should be on or before January 22nd as I'd like to have it done before I go back to school, so watch around then.....

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