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Warlord familiars and 3069 Umb, err, Hooked Hulk

Dragon Snack

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These were gifts for another board. The person wanted Halfling minis, so these kind of worked (I sent along some DDM Halflings as well). And everyone could use an Umber Hulk...


I call this one "Torchy"...



And here's "Santa's Little Helper"...


(Oops, ignore his shirt, apparently someone missed fixing that...)


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Sure. I do know that I should have highlighted Torchy's torch a little more and fixed SLH's shirt, but it's one of those things that I didn't notice until I saw the pics (when the minis are about 20x their real size) and they were in the mail by then. SLH had a red nose at one point, but it didn't work with his red shirt.


The Umber Hulk was a quick tabletop paint job though, I think I spent more time on the base than the mini (not counting when I glued my fingers together).

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Yeah, I was going to point out that the torch could have used a highlight of light brown on the edges with the side of your brush. Same for the ridges on the hulk.


The green bag looks especially flat. I'd recommend a dark green on the bottom, and a litle lighter green near the top to break it up. The shirt looks OK, I don't see any real problem with it.

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