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Happy New Year (EST that is)

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First off Happy New Years all. I almost missed it, I was reading the boards! I've come a long ways from my hard partying younger years.


Is anyone making any resolutions this year. I normally don't, but I've decided to make a break from resolving not to resolve anything.


I will paint 100 figures this year. There I've said it. I'll even go one further. I'll finish painting 100 figures this year. And I'll even take some picture while I'm at it. Maybe this this public declaration will get me out of my rut and get me moving again.


So what do you resolve to do this year?

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Well...I began the year by meeting a deadline.


Follow the link in my sig to get this year's calendar.. which I JUST finished..wOOt!


So.. I resolve to paint more minis than last year (ought not be too hard), and I resolve to update my comic.. yeah... that ol' thing. :lol: ...and I resolve to be a better person.


So... maybe two outta three ain't bad?

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I resolve to get the hell to bed, since it's almost 4:30 am and I *still* haven't managed to get any work done lately on the little dragon familiar that was supposed to be a simple little slap-some-paint thank-you christmas present for my brother's girfriend (for hooking me up with a spare power supply for my puter when mine blew up) but which has turned into an official "PROJECT" complete with scenery.

Mo is the author of a series of young-adult books (The Denicalis Dragon Chronicles) about dragons, so I figured I'd throw some paint on the dragon from familiar set VIII. It was just supposed to be a cute little purple dragon but then I got "Involved". I bought static grass, I carved a rock from a cork, I sculpted sticks and stones, I even outlined the freakin' eyes in a head the size of most minis' hands just like on a full-sized person. I've painted at least 75% of this thing with the brush I usually used for dotting eyes, fer cryin out loud... :wacko:

And I hereby resolve to get it done before next freakin Christmas....

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I'm gonna quit wasting so much time on the computer and get more done in the way of hobbies and around the house. Especially playing guitar. When I get blisters on my fretting fingers after playing for only a half an hour, it's definitely time for some practice.

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My resolution is start exercising again. Between moving and school and painting more I've become quite sedentary and I don't like it one bit. Also need to eat better too. I'm hoping these two things will keep me in better health. I've caught one too many colds in 2007 and I normally don't get sick.


Oh and placing in Golden Demon, Gen Con Indy or Reaper Con. I'll take any one of those . . . I don't want to be greedy now ::):

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Well, I'm gonna start with a storming of the Bastille, so as -- oh wait, reSolutions, not ReVolutions?






I'm going to build a Night Goblin army for Warhammer, of no less then 1,000 points.


I'm not going to play tricks on drunken college students. Even if it is funny to see them fight over toothpaste.


I'm going to learn the Savage Worlds RPG system.

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I will paint more minis, especially dragons, and work on new creative projects as my muse (and budget) dictates.


I will clean out my garage....(this is gonna be ugly)


I will clean out my bedroom closet....(could be even uglier)


I will finish painting the trim in my front hallway, which I painted *last* Thanksgiving.... :-P


I will take better care of myself physically, spiritually and emotionally.


At least, that's the plan!


Happy New Year, everyone!

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First of all, I resolve not to make any resolution that requires effort to keep. That being said I resolve to:


Paint miniatures

Spend time with the Evil Ones, friends and family

Always make sure my laundry ends up in the hamper instead of on the floor near the hamper (might prove difficult, my hook shot is a tad off)

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