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WIP Reaper Ogre

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The ogre looks really cool. :blues:


I love the darker skin tone. I think this choice of base coat really makes the definition and veins pop.

The work on his armour bracer is wicked. His mace rocks too.


Other things I really dig are the beige coloured pouch on his back. Its a great alternative to the usual darker brown leathers. I like the chain and skull and his mail armour... Did you paint each peice individually? ::):


You were asking for critique observations as well. :unsure: I find his teeth really distracting. Much too white (and a little splotchy) for an ogre, maybe a wash or a blend to a darker tone. And that shield just doesn't work from my angle. I may have tried making the shield face look like it was carved out of wood and left plain. Just my opinion :rolleyes:

Cool work and colours!!



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