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Eat your (own) heart out

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As long as you aren't bothered by the the sinking under water or the thought of explosive decompression if you sink too far....it's pretty relaxing.

Underwater I'd be more worried about explosive compression, personally.



Implosive compression, or implosion...?

Touché! Yes, that'd be even more likely. ::D:



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The thing that is everyone is talking about how egotistical the cake is. My big question is what this thing cost. I hope that they pull down a pretty hefty salary between the two of them. I just can't see spending what that cake must have cost. I managed to get married without going into debt. But then I've been told that my priorities are out of step with the average American.


I assume that the rest of the wedding matched the cake. I did see a picture of a horse drawn carriage, so there is some indication.


One of the things that I love about my wife is that we're fairly in tune in terms of tastes, wants, and perspectives. We ended up with a small, intimate, but still classy, wedding that cost far less than most weddings. About 40 invited guests, all people that we wanted to see.


Because my wife was frazzled and busy, I got sent to find and select a wedding cake. Though I told her that I did get it, I decided that getting a cake in the shape of a nuke sub probably wouldn't start things off on the right foot.


Still was tempting. :devil:



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