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Elves vs Necropolis

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Here's a quick update.


After a playtesting session, I decided to reduce the number of figures so that the demo would not take so long. Here is what I ended up with:




3 skeletal swordsmen

1 zombie


Railor (1 ice shards, 2 bolts, 1 draining touch)

3 skellie swordsmen

1 zombie




1 ranger

1 Vale Swordsman



2 rangers


At the demo, the Necropolis still dominated, but the Elves player said that he realized that he should have done a shoot and run tactic to be more successful. They liked the game though. In fact, one player was one of the owners of the store, and he said they were going to start putting some energy behind promoting Warlord. Nice!


Thanks again for all your help.

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I've run a demo using similar forces. I found that the game too a lot longer than my usual demos because the only good tactic from the elven player is to "shoot and run", which makes it incredibly drawn out if you play "to the death"

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