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CAV and some rebased 6mm


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A number of ongoing things came to completion on my table today, most of them have been sitting for some time waiting for my painting ADD to come back to them.


The Kikyu had been sitting on my desk longest already painted, just waiting for me to get back to finish the base. It's was painted in the same scheme as a contest entry last year, just not to the same level.




The Hubries have been painted slightly less longer, and were originally based individually until I decided to base them in pair as they are supposed to be for the DRM rules. Tried the cracked CD as layered stone for these. Unfortunately the group picture is a bit washed out and I don't feel like setting up the shot again.





And finally a CAV. This was going to be my XCAV3 entry for Mil-Net, but didn't get the picture taken in time. Though I don't think it would've made it to the top 3 given the great models that were done for that contest. Anyway, I call it the Gunslinger. Simple bash really, cut the gauss cannons off a Dictator 60, file the peg off the bottom of the gauss gatling cannon from two Wardens, glue the GGC where the GC used to be. The pose indicates that maybe the pilot has watched one too many Max'Gar episodes, adopting a "come get some" type stance. In actually when I glued the GGCs on they were angled so that it was impossible to position the arms in a more normal position and the glue had made an unusually strong bond so I left it as is.


Basically the idea is to have a shredder equipped CAV that can keep pace with Dictators, which Vanquishers have a hard time doing, especially on larger boards. So, having missed the contest, I decided to paint it up in the colors of the rest of my Rach force. Might have to ask Chrome or Mad Pat if they could figure out a point value for me so I could use in my games at home.





Profile shots



Gratuitous Mechenbooty Shot



questions and comments greatly appreciated

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That's just standard issue Woodland Scenics Blended Turf flock.



Is that Cav. Squinting in one eye? Better add some fibre to the diet...


Actually very cool all of it.


Is the Kikyu Airbrushed?



Is the dictator looking for Crunchies to squash?

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