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Shaedra the Pally

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Well everyone I'm painting another copy of Shaedra. I thought I'd post a WIP on her and ask if there is anything you would like to see done step by step.


You always get such smooth blends - even over large areas like cloaks...I am still shaking the rust off the brushes and would love to see a bit on blending...

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Well I can do an eyes tut for you. I have other minis needing painting of course ::):


I will see what I can do about getting step by steps for her. I guess the best way to show each step is to basecoat her entirely and then start working up each surface. Well stay tuned . . . I'll rustle stuff up for you!

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Ok these photos aren't the best as I was trying to get them done quickly but they should give you the right idea of how I paint eyes. This is the method I use every time I paint eyes.






This is the update on Shaedra. I know the color choices seem a bit off at the moment but bear with me. She'll look completely different once I'm done.




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