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Who makes them and what are they called


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Okay I have a question and if anyone knows I would be thankful for some info.


About two years back I was at GenCon and there was a booth that was selling these really awsome metal tokens for use in games. They came with pictures on them of different things or words or numbers. They looked kind of like coins and I think had different colors of metal even.


Anyhow I did not get any info on them before my group left. So I was thinking that I wanted some tokens for some rpg stuff comming up and remembered seeing those.


However I don't know what they were called or who made them and my searches on line have not been very helpfull.


Anyhow, I know it is a long shot but maybe someone here picked up some or can help,



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Do you mean these tokens from Dark Platypus?


I just saw an ad for these somewhere recently (and remembered them from GenCon as well), but I did have to do some searching before I could find the name of the company.


Note that you can make something similar by printing out pictures and such out on paper, cut them with a 1" round craft hole punch, and then gluing them onto 1" fender washers.




PS: Note to self, I really must get around to writing that draw token article that I keep on saying that I'm going to write...

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