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New WIP Reaper Dwarf Command [DHL 6042]

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Well I have resurrected two older WIPs which I am keen to get back into and in the meantime have started on one of the many models that have been floating around for years. He is part of the Dwarven Command Army Packs.




Something I need to look at already:


Hubby says - "Nice eye honey, but shouldn't it be closed if he's using a spyglass." DOH! :wacko: "Oh but wouldn't it be cool if you painted the end of the spyglass to have his other eye enlarged in it..." And here I was thinking about just doing shiney glass. :lol:


He is only about 1/2 way finished - lots more highlight, shadows, blending to do...but he's coming along. I love that photography makes it so much easier to see what to work on! ::D:

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That being said - this guy looks terrific. Shame to paint over an eye done that well - but your hubby makes a good point.


Thanks! Eyes are always a problem for me - and I was very proud of my first eye back in the brush....but alas - it does look a bit silly...shame really....LOL


As for the photography - I have a new Canon EOS-400D (Rebel XTi is the other name I think) and the pics come out HUGE - so I really can see to fine tune him. I was serious - photography is like a harsh taskmaster - it makes sure you see the error of your ways and pushes you to fix it... :)

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Guest I am not a number

I have this figure. It used to come in a box set with a large cannon that was similar to other cannons he sculpted which are now at mega miniatures, but quite a bit bigger.

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