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Mangu Timur Updated 1-23-08

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Hey guys, I took a little break from my Sophie madness and started work on this guy. Its a new one from Bobby Jackson. Very nice sculpt...and lots of armor which is what I wanted to paint!!! I started this one right before Christmas and then did some more while on vacation in San Felipe Mexico over new years. I think it is coming along, especially the gold on the helmet and breasplate. The silver still needs some love (a lot of love) as well as his manly dress. Also what do you think of the deep red cross in front...does it work or do you think it should be another color. I can always go darker with it, which is my typical fix but anyways...



here he is. Metalics are really hard to photograph :blink:



close up...I still need a bit of work blending in the gold on the shoulder armor.


Actual size comparison



Any ways, whatcha think?

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I think part of it is the sheer mass of metal on this guy... it draws the eye away from the (very nicely done) tabard/kilt/nightgown thingie he's wearing. I don't think bringing up the cross a little, or even all of the colors on it, would really draw too much focus to it. He's lookin like one solid hunk of BAAADD, even wearing a dress, lol... Nice.

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I agree w/ Warlady - I really like the muted colors on his skirt. I think if the reds were too bright, it would definitely draw your eye away from the upper armor.

Besides, it looks to me as if the skirt is dirty, especially the back, & brightening the red would mess up that effect.

If anything there ought to be a line of 'muck' that matched the blend on the back.


If it needed more color contrast, maybe the fur/fringe under his shoulder armor could be the same turquoise as the skirt?


I really dig the golds, I think they're awesome.

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Not sure at this point. I just don't want your eyes to focus on his crotch!!! ::D:


No fear of that, I didn't even see the red 'till I made myself look at the rest of the model (because the shiny shiny torso trapped my eyeballs and they couldn't move!). ::):


--Anne ::D:

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Just Wow...


I, for one, would love to see a step by step on how you did the metallics on this guy. The transitions are so smooth.


Great stuff - my only thoughts on the cross wouldn't be the cross so much as the blue... The transition between the two is great - but it seems to make the whole skirting a bit busy. The back looks great with just the two colours - and I think the front would look better with just one colour and the cross - but then one or the other would be out of place. Just my 2¢.

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Hey there, thanks for the comments. I am out here in Las Vegas for work. When I get back I will finish this one up and do a tutorial on the gold metalics. I don't normally paint the same model twice, but this one was a lot of fun and I would really like to do a dirty one as well with maybe a little more color.



Here are the colors I did for the gold:


The keys to remember with doing this type of gold is that the metalics will remain shiney while the shadow colors (which are non metalic colors) will remain non shiney, thus creating the contrast between light and dark. Do not add any additives (just water) DO NOT DULL COAT AS IT WILL DESTROY WHAT YOU PAINTED!!!!




Base coat: This was applied with about 5 thinned down coats.

GW Shinning Gold



GW Bestial Brown - This color is applied to the largest part of the metal. I generall tend to apply it to the area I am shading and then feather it in to be smooth

GW Dark Flesh - The following colors are all applied and then pushed with a clean brush (you can suck off all remaining paint for this or simply clean your brush (since there is really no paint on your brush, this can be done quickley before the paint can dry)

GW Scorched Brown

Just the tiniest bit of these two colors

P3 Exile Blue - The blue gives the shadow a since of depth you can't get with any other color. I just mixed it in with my scorched brown/black mix) If you do too much it just looks blue and is wrong!!!




RMS (reaper master series) New Gold

VMC (vallejo model color) Silver (don't go all the way to silver if you can)


The GW shinning gold is my median color so that is what I am using to clean up my blends. I thin it down a whole bunch. It is really just gold flake in water. You may need to apply this thin wash to the entire area to avoid paint lines.



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So I just got back from my romp in Vegas. It was 9:00pst and luckily my local game store stays open late. So I stopped in to see if I could get another one of these so that I could do a little tutorial. Unfortunately the Reaper section was picked almost clean so I'll have to wait until they replenish ::(: I'd also like to play around with some YouTube videos...just got to figure that action out. It is so much easier to show and not tell on the net!!




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Hey guys and gals, just about done with this one! Lots of fun...if you haven't gotten this guy GET HIM! He is a little bit bigger, I guess heroic scale. My painting was actually slowed quite a bit by me drooling on him...so you might want to think about some type of mouth guard when you go to paint him ::D:


Anywho, here he is with the base I made from yet another square block from Michaels craft store and some milliput. You can't not love milliput...I tell ya! One more session of cleaning up the blends and I think I can put a fork in it! The silver on the front of the shield needs to be fixed as well as the gold blends on the back of his shoulder armor. The gold on his gauntlet needs a bit more tlc as well. My painting advisor told me not to bother with a freehand on the back of his cape. I may bump the highlights a little higher on it though. I don't know if it is nessasary as the light sourse is to the front of him so it may not matter. The red cross on the front went a little deeper in color and I did some little (almost white) highlights around the edges...that I really don't like. Anyways, if you have any suggestions or something looks weird, I am all ears!!!!!!!!and a big grin tooo!

Here is a small version to get a true to life look. :ph34r:


These ones are much bigger: Click on the reduced picture and then enlarge it when it come up. :wacko:








Thanks for looken.

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