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Looking for infantry

Froggy the Great

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Hey all.


I'm looking for the infantry model shown at the far left of this sprue, the guy kneeling behind what I assume is an FA-45:




I have all the infantry I'll ever use, and don't really want to buy the whole sprue for one model.  Therefore, if anyone can send me any of this guy, I will pay for them in frogs.  


I need 8 of these guys.  I will pay one unpainted frog for one model, or an unpainted stand of frogs (two frogs on a CAV hexbase) for two models.


If you want painted frogs, I'll pay one painted frog for two models, or a painted stand of two frogs for four models.


As always, the frogs will be custom posed and armed.  If you're interested, contact me via PM and we'll talk.



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Frosch, I think that squichie has a 1A2 grenade launcher.... least that's how I thought it was when I opened up my bisters.


I think I have some of those.... and I'll send them to you gratis, unless you'd like to swap for the missile launcher guys. Either is cool.

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My point exactly, it'd make more sense I'd have thought, both from a mould making and from a customer's standpoint, to have a sprue of one type, a sprue of another and so on.


Course, there may well be details to consider which I don't know about, since I can't make moulds etc, but it'd make sense from the consumer's PoV anyway....


I'll have a look and see how many I've got Frosch.... I should have one or two around somewhere.

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