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Fire keg limited to Reven?

Gaming Glen

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Why is the Fire Keg specialty upgrade limited to the Reven? Just because a similar army in some glorified work of fiction used it in some battle shouldn't mean that type of device be restricted to that army faction.


Dang it, I want to send in a faery with such a device. What else are faeries good for? Muhahaha.. I even have a name for that faery: Aertillaerie . :wacko:

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Besides only the Noghra are ruthless, dumb, and crazy enough to use the fire keg. ::):


Fire keg laden goblins also show up in the Age of Wonder games (which have a flavor similar to Warlord in many ways). Luckily, the computer isn't all that smart about using them.


Arguably, the Necropolis would also be willing to sacrifice the unthinking undead (skeletons and zombies) for fire kegs, but it doesn't really fit the faction either.


Practically speaking, fire kegs aren't all that attractive a proposition (from a points perspective).



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