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Alastria and Lysette

Krazy Kid PSx

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Hey, I Just started painting minis and its really fun. Very enjoying, I usually get my pieces from Reaper. and these are my first two finished pieces. Enjoy, tips helps etc.. is greatly appreciated. :)


Oh yea, the camera i used to take the pics with is a Finepix Digi Cam, unfortunately i also used the fine pix software to crop the images. [sorry no Photoshop on this pc to edit the pics. :(]





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Okay bro. Well, let me first say you've got great taste in models. WK's sculpts rule. Remember, always room for improvement. First, let's talk about getting rid of that gloss effect, a can of testors dullcote will take that away quick and second gotta finish those bases! Welcome to a great hobby man and there are some great painters and "mini experts" here to gain knowledge from and this will definitely lead to continued improvements in your painting skills.


Rock on.



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thanks fella's, Actually there was some gloss varnish that my dad used to use when i first finished them but today i went to the store and looked for some matte varnish to try and make them less shiney the flash on the pc and the overhead light doesn't help to much either, I just ordered some Scenery bases for all these pieces i just bought :


02835 : Jolie, Female Scribe

02906 : Praying Paladin

02909 : Nienna, Female Elf Ranger

02982 : Female Anti-Paladin

02986 : Female Necromancer

03084 : Virina, Female Demon

03078 : Pearl, Mermaid

03025 : Pharess,Fire Sorceress

03170 : Lurien, Female Ghost

03126 : Ghoul Queen and Servants

03114 : Deva, Female Angel

10025 : Savage Beauty


and yea WK has some bomb pieces that cought my eye quick. :D


again thanks ill really look around the boards to pick up some more tech's to use :D

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Sweet list of models bro. I usually paint nothing but WK's pieces both from Reaper and his own line from Freebooter. If you do a search here in the Show Off section and type in key word Klocke, you'll get a buch o' eye candy from past pieces. IMO, WK's pieces remain to most popular in the Reaper DHL line to date.


Check out some of his wicked cool Freebooter stuff here.


Freebooter Line


SK, out.

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That's not by WK - you must mean #2757. In any case, that's a male figure, and judging from Krazy Kid's list, he really prefers the ladies! ::):




lol, True to that... I dont mind doing male pieces like the Praying paladin, and a few of the wizards i have here, but most of the time i like the curves and so forth on the female characters. Alot of depth and so forth.


my next two pieces ill post up is Bonecaller and Anduriel Brightflame. :D Right now i have the let the primer dry for 24hrs though. :(

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Looks like you're off to a good start. Your colors are where they should be and it looks like you some sort of highlighting. Though that might just be the lighting. Keep improving, you'll be turning out masterpieces in no time.



thanks, Im trying to get used to the 0 and 000 and 7000c-18/0 brushes hopefully the Bonecaller piece turns out good, Ill post up complete pics of the Prime and then paint. once i finish, For sure ill finish it tonight been working on it since 3pm. :D

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