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Which rulebook has the Generic Cards?

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Hi there,


I lost my Warlord rulebook. I am 99% sure that it was the 2nd printing of the rulebook (since it had a faq in the back which addressed questions about why a second printing) . I also remember it had at the very back two pages of generic data cards. I need to buy a new copy of the book, but only want to if it has the generic cards. The generic cards were probably 50% of my deciding factor in choosing Warlord as my 28 mm rule system. If I buy a copy of the book from the reaper store will it have the generic cards in the back or will I have to track on down on ebay?


Could someone from the reaper team assure me that the books being sold indeed have the Generic cards in the back? I know my copy of the 2nd printing did.





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