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Ok, in the last couple of weeks, we've had a couple of different threads/questions regarding Generic data cards. That's inspired me to actually start on a project I've been thinking about doing for awhile - basically creating a "cross reference" document that assigns (more like recommends) every DHL model a seemingly equivilent Warlord data card or three. This isn't an attempt to create new or generic cards, nor modify any existing ones, but give an easy cross reference as a basis for people trying to decide what data card to assign/use.


Some of these are rather easy - for example, I've already gone through and "assigned" the Elves Silver Dragon Card to many of the DHL dragons. Likewise, I've cross referenced models that share the same or similar name in the DHL line as in the Warlord line - IE, 02164: Marda Of the Blade = 14339: Marda of the Blade, Mercenaries Sergeant



However, there are over 1000 DHL models, and giving 1-3 recommendations for each of the models is going to take some time for me to do alone. So I'm asking for any suggestions and/or favorites you may have for this - do you have any particular DHL models that you think are a good fit for a particular Warlord card or vice versa? If so, let me know - either post them here, or PM me with the info, and I'll add it to my cross reference list. I'm not worried about duplicate card suggestions for the same model - my base list has room for three suggestions per DHL model, I'm more than happy to expand that to 5, even 10 if I get that many suggestions. With over a 1000 DHL models, and nearly 400 Warlord data cards, this list is intended to be more of recommended starting point to help narrow down the choices one faces.


Once I get it about 50-60% done, I'll start posting the list itself.

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