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Painting Amr. Football jerseys - help please!


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Hi everyone!


I'm a longtime lurker who just decided to sign up. Actually, I'm a long time lurker on lots of different painting forums, but now I've chosen to join the Reaper boards. People here seem very friendly and you have some very fine painters showing off their work.


I have a problem I'd like some help with. I'm currently painting four of these guys:





They are Rackham minis, and I'm planning to use them as Black Orc Blockers in Blood Bowl (a game that's a mix between fantasy and american football). I think they are brilliant miniatures, and they look suitably big and imposing on the field, ready to tear apart the puny elves limb from limb. ^_^ The biggest problem is how to paint their jerseys. I'm not happy with the present blue color. I would like them to look like the jerseys on these guys:






I think the darker blue would match the leather and skin best. But painting wise (sp?) I'm at a loss. I've never seen anybody who have replicated that shimmering color of the synthetic fabric on a miniature and, frankly, I don't know if it can be done. My best idea so far is to paint them like NMM, but I'm not quite sure... :huh: Any ideas? Other comments are also highly appreciated. :)

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I don't have too much experience with this but if I would say to try and bring the highlights up to an off-white quicker than you normally would and make them slightly sharper.

This would give the appearence of shinier fabric with out making it look to much like NMM armour.


By the way, Blood Bowl rocks...I wish more people played it around here.

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I don't know if they would exactly work for your purposes, but you could try either Vallejo Metallic Medium (watch out though, it really lightens the color it's mixed with), or maybe try mixing either Reaper white with RMS Adamantium or Pearl White with another dark blue of your choice?

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