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3203 Shaedra, Paladin

All-Terrain Monkey

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Heya evvyboddy! I started this one up a couple of weeks back and finally succumbed to the fiddly bits, calling her done in the name of cash and glory. So, here you go, way too many big pictures of a cute lil' Werner mini. FYI, the inscription chiseled into the gold is "Fiat iustitia et pereat mundus" which is Latin for "Let Justice be done even should the world perish" which I think is a darned paladinly thing to say.








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She is soooo prudy!


I love the way the sword looks, and I think you got the color combos for the golden hair perfect! The blends and the freehands are just amazing. I love the highlight on the lip, and the eye is so clean and crisp. The colors coordinate very well.


However, I have one, tiny tiny tiny little nitpick, and this is probably just personal preference so please feel free to ignore it. My eye seems to be missing some of the detail on this model because some of the colors seem a tiny bit similar to me. I love the blend of the tan on the inner part of the cloak, but for some reason to me, it seems too close in color, or maybe even in value to the wonderful NMM gold you did for the armor. I think for me, if you had gone maybe with a cool or a grey ish color in the cloak the details would have popped more for me.



But then again... I do not know if I could ever paint at this level, so why listen to my silly little opinion. :blush:


Overall though, I am floored by the skill displayed in this paint job. It is truly a job well done.

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Aye, she's a real beauty ATM. Nice version of her man. I hadn't realized this was a Klockian sculpt. Thanks my friend for enlightening me on this issue... #3203, so let it be purchased, so let it be painted. I'm diggin' the reds and golds. NMM looks good. And nice base work, the Latin is a classic touch.


Paint on bro.


SK, wondering where all the rest of the new DHL/ Warlord Klocke sculpts are hiding :unsure:

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Thanks for the comments and the criticisms all! I did toe the line pretty carefully between the red, leather, gold, and cream colors in that there were a lot of similar hues, but I wanted to do that as an experiment to see if they mushed together or if they brightened each other. Putting in more contrasting colors would definitely have made her pop more.


The reds were a basecoat of Carnage Red, and the layers were Red Liner, Red Liner/Bloodstain Red 1:1, Bloodstain Red, Clotted Red, Carnage Red, Carnage Red/Saffron Sunset 1:1, Saffron Sunset, Sandy Yellow, Linen White. I was using Clear Orange and Clear Yellow for my reds before but decided to toss the dice and see how it looked.


The Latin inscription, I have to admit, I got off of Wikipedia; it was a quote attributed to Ferdinand I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. My own Latin's rusty as all heck, but I at least remembered enough to ensure everything was correct ::D:.

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