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Talk to yourself about projects you want to do. Mutter about conversions, brainstorm, etc.


Anything to keep a low-voiced monologue going enough to keep her from completely getting into the movie.


She'll eventually just change the channel.


Warning - she may indicate that she's not going to continue watching the movie by chucking the remote at your head.

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Uh... Groggy... What time is it? I seem to have been in a coma for the last 20 hours or so...


If only we could come up with a happy compromise; like combining the Romance genre with serial-killer flicks:


Hannibal and Prejudice


The Silence of the Debutantes


Jane Mansfield


Emma Todd


Halloween Persuasion


The Sense of the Lambs


Scary Northanger

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You could always just put a parental lock on the "offensive" channels:

OMG, I hadn't thought of that. Hilarious! Until my wife tries to watch one of those channels.

Depends on how you do it - "I don't know honey, the system's not working right - I can't seem to remove this lock. It might be time for that HD unit now."


Having to watch the occasional chick flick in return for a 52" Plasma HD Flat Screen and new HD DVR might not be such a bad trade off.


Of course, I'm lucky - my wife likes sci-fi almost as much as I do. The worst of her shows I have to sit through is Nip Tuck and Las Vegas, or the occassional Julia Robert's movie. She does, however, complain when my son and I watch Pinky and the Brain.

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I'm lucky, My wife and I are gamers, we find our entertainment on our computers, and we both watch the same TV shows: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Dr. Who.

Anything else we might want to watch we catch on-line ie: I watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles and she watches Grey's Anatomy.

Come to think of it though, our TV hasn't been turned on since the season finale of Lost.

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What no Pride and Predator (vs. Aliens) in widescreen with THX surround sound?!



Now that was one good Jan Austin novel.


The only problem I have it is that the Aliens would crash the ball. Not only would they dance with Mr & Mrs. Bennetts daughters, but they would impregnate them with alien seeds pods. Then, what would Mr. Darcy do? Not like they had Colonial Marines back then.

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