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New Generic Cards

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Ok, people. After reading numerous threads about how many people loved the old Generic Data Cards , myself included, I am going to take it upon myself to remake the generic cards, using the new stat system. There will, of course, be unofficial cards. Hopefully, they will end the debate over them.


I will post progress on this project here. I expect to have the project complete in a few weeks. (RL still comes first)

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Any status? I am looking forward to these...


Giddoen :rolleyes:


Progress remains constant. Still on target for next weekend release.


Great! I just started getting into Warlord, and the customization is what got me interested in it. Thanks for all of your hard work!



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Dude, you're AWESOME! Thanks for doing this for us. I for one like the flexibility of being able to design my own characters because I have little hopes that anybody else has real interest in an army of mounted goblin archers or troops of heavily armoured gnolls..or female ogre warlords.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Well, folks, the wait is almost over.


I now have all of the cards designed, I just need to type them up.


One note though, I did not have time to figure out the official point cost chart, so I went with what I personally felt were fair numbers. If someone else with access to the real formula (i.e. someone actually from Reaper) wants to correct the numbers, please feel free.


Expectant players should check back at this thread Saturday night, around 11pm CST.


Fight well.

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