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Solo rules?


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I've played CAV solo, but that just consisted of me trying really hard to not favor one side over the other. Because the RAGE system is so flexible regarding what actions a player may take and what sequence they take the actions I'm not sure if it would lend itself well to a robot player controlling the other side. It would be an interesting exercise to try to write something up though, just wish I had the time to do so.

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I"m thinking it could be done. Something along the lines of using a 1d6 & 1d10 as guide.


1. Pick the # units to play

2. Pick the same # of bad guys and add 1d6 more

3. Use pre-made tiles for random terrain or locale placement(like dungeon or wildress tiles). 1d10

4. Or pick terrain table or map.

5. And so on, I'll work on the rest


As for mechanics. Perhaps a quick table with the combinations listed. Move-Move/Move-fight/Fight-move/Do nothing-do nothing/etc. but limit it to 10 combo's at most. Hey, were not looking at rocket science here. It's just for a quick game on my lunch hour. ::):


Keeping in mind that you always play the "other" side as ruthless as you can. After all, those Orc spearman, Zombie infantrymen, or giant fighting robots don't wanna just sit down and have tea with ya. They wanna stomp ya, or eat ya.


Hmmm, this might actually translate over to my mass warfare project.

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Or, having the role-player in me speaking up, make rules to simulate a somewhat RP session with one troop (or one person) having to overcome some obstacle with a random chance of some enemy units showing up. Perhaps there's ruins on a hill rumored to have treasure, as well as rumors of craven orcs (being redundant <_< ) running around. You could even have a mix of enemy units: for example, orcs show up out in the open area and undead are in the ruins. Might need some terrain to make some things more plausible (like a new encounter having been previously unseen within the terrain).


Create a situation deck to start each round (or roll a die):

1-3 cards (die roll: 1-6) for nothing new (number of cards depending on how fast you want enemy units showing up),

1-2 cards (die roll: 7-10) to add a new threat to the play area (place an enemy unit/troop within LOS at some random distance, say 3d10+6 inches or nearest obstacle that could be blocking LOS until those units moved from behind it).

For the example: one card for an orc encounter (die roll: 7-8) and one card for an undead encounter (die roll: 9-10).


Add a card for the enemy unit/troop to the regular draw deck.


Perhaps there's a way to combine the situation deck with the actual play deck. Once enemy units are in play you may not want to use the situation deck/die until the current enemy is defeated.

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