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Hi everyone,


I bought some of the MSP triads a couple of years ago, and didn't use some of them until now, except when I first got them to play with them for a day or two.


Now some of them when thinned down to a layer consistancy they are extremely grainy on the surface of my mini. Like little tiny polkadots. I shook the paint very well and even stirred it with a toothpick to get the gunk from under the dropper mixed back in, and still it doesn't seem to help. Mabey I should mix them again.... I dunno


I love the paint, and would hate to think that I need to buy a bunch all over again, but if that is all I can do then I guess I will have to :mellow:


Is there anything I can try? Some help from the pros would be greatly appreciated.





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And sometimes early releases were sort of in a 'beta' mode -- you can tell if you have one by the label. If it's taped on, rather than nicely wrapped all the way around the bottle, it's probably an early formula. Again, refer to the thread CBP noted above for details and procedures.



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In my experience, MSP's don't yet have a set shelf life. I have colors from the original release that are still good. ::): On the other hand, we have had problems with colors mixed in one base going clumpy/grainy. These issues have now been fixed. If you wouldn't mind, which paints have the problem? Can you give me a list?




--Anne ::):

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