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Awesome Stargate WIP

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Note - I didn't make this and am only posting it here because it is way too cool not to be widely seen.


Stargate on Hirst Arts forum


These guys make laser cut components and kits. They're quite deadly to the pocketbook.


If you want to see more of what they've been doing with that evil laser cutter you can see the pictures here:


Evil pictures, keep drool rags handy


They're working on setting up a web store but for now they have contact information in with the evil pictures.


I take NO responsibility for damage caused to bank accounts by clicking on those links. None. Nada.

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Several years ago I did a shadow box for a member of the Stargate SG-1 crew to commemorate something or other (might have been an anniversary for him working on the program, or it might have been show related).


Anywho, MGM likes their properties, and getting the go ahead to do what I did was more work than actually doing it. Be careful of people who are selling Stargate stuff (even knock offs) without going through the proper channels. Not only is it bad form, but it hurts the franchise as a whole and companies like Phoenix Icons who actually have done the grunt work with the lawyers.

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