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From the screens, I'd say it reminds me of the Kings Field series, but there are a few exceptions.


Kings Field:

You play alone as the main character.

If you die, you gotta start way back at the beginning with nada.

Dungeons are planned out and stick to a certain map.

You play in first person only.



You have a party of charactes.

Dying is actually Encouraged.

Dungeons are randomized.

You have first and 3rd person perspectives.


Now I just gotta finish all my other games so I can pick this up in March, as well as Mana Khemia.

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This actually looks like a lot of fun. Will probably end up picking this game up when it comes out. (Will definitely make a play for the Wii version.)


This kind of game has been done a lot in the past: rogue/nethack/D&D's Dungeon Hack come to mind. It still looks like a new enough twist on the old genre to be fun.

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