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GW Saint Celestine


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Hey guys, first off thanks for the advice on the rocks so here we go. my rocks started with Troll Shadow, and than i used the stone triad and was very pleased to lean it has some brown in it.


i started with this


and this is with the stones painted


Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Ok guys i have made some progress in these pics i put a coat of Snow Shadow down. I am going for a bluish white armor as the cloth will be a red. I was thinking Snow Shadow Shade, Ghost White midtone, and a Pure White highlight. I would like some imput if that would be the correct color set and any advice you all might have on how to line the armor so its not all just a blob of white.





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Hey guys no real progress but now than on to the reason i am posting. i was wondering if anyone can advise what color to use as a shade? i am working a layer of ghost grey over snow shadow and am starting to realise that it needs to be my final highlight not pure white so i was thinking Shade: ???, Midtone: Snow Shadow, Highlight: Ghost White

thanks guys

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