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Rage chronicles 2008

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Thanks VH,

I like your suggestions alot. I would love a pure elf subfaction and I just cooked this one up in about 6 minutes.

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Ok, one more idea for you.


How about SOMETHING for Kristianna's Squire ??


How about:



Availability: Good Leader Models

Points Cost: 5

Unique: No

Effects: Leader Model may perform a re-group Action as a Free Action instead of a Non-combat Action

Notes: None

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This absolute best I can imagine a child, and the Crusader Page is a child, being in the game.


Lila, Crusader Page

Affiliation: Crusaders, Model: Unique Cleric, Base: Standard

Tracks: 1, Dis: 3, DV: 7, MD: 10

SA: Deflect/3, Raider/4, Fearsome

MAV: 1, #MAV: 1, SA: none

CP: 4, SA: Cleric 1/2, Innate(Bless)


would be a useful model given the Innate(Bless) if you could keep it alive. Probably around 20 points given the innate spell.

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General comments from a newbie:


Resist the urge to give every faction the same/similar capabilities. The game would lose some of it's cool factor if the mechanical strengths/weaknesses of each faction were diluted too much. It's harder to get excited about Lion's Lancers if all factions have a similar heavy cavalry card. On the other hand, if Crusaders add a lot of ranged ability, Elves feel less unique. The factions should be balanced in their ability to win vs. the other factions, but not in all their details.


Low level spell casters should be able to successfully cast spells. At present, you have to double their cost with Greater Familiar to have a prayer of hitting something. Spells should have a chance of failing, like any other action, but they shouldn't be an exercise in futility.


I second all the calls for more faction-specific spells and equipment. Anything that helps distinguish one faction from another is good.


I'm also in complete agreement that all the rules of the game should be in one document (the RC), updated annually. I own the rulebook, and it's cost is certainly not a lot compared to dozens (and dozens) of models, but it's frustrating to have 90% of the content in the RC and then have a question that requires hauling out the rulebook. Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes being able to text search the electronic RC - being able to do this with the complete rules would be great.

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