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Those are more than just similar. Take a look at the details of the figures -- the bent upper quillon on the left-hand sword, the keys on the belt, the folds in the cloak where it crosses the right arm, ....


They're built from the same body with a slightly different head and a couple of other minor changes.

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There has been some confusion recently regarding the similarity between some upcoming Reaper releases and those of another manufacturer. Hopefully this will clear the air regarding this issue.


Magnificent Egos approached us late in 2007 and inquired if Reaper would be interested in acquiring the rights to several existing greens that they (Magnificent Egos) had commissioned. First, we were told at that time that that the greens had not been released or been in production. Second, the sculptor had not been paid for the work done creating these greens.


Reaper agreed to purchase three of these greens with the simple understanding that all we had to do was to pay the sculptor the as yet unpaid sculpting fees, and at that time all of the rights to the miniatures would transfer from Magnificent Egos to Reaper Miniatures and fully become the property of Reaper Miniatures, Inc.


With all parties in agreement, Reaper contacted the original sculptor and asked him to modify the greens to meet some of our aesthetic and technical needs. The sculptor agreed and we proceeded. At that point, we thought it was a win-win situation for all involved: Magnificent Egos was released from its financial obligations, Reaper got three new sculptures for its DHL line of miniatures, and most importantly, the sculptor would finally get paid for his work.


This weekend however, it has come to our attention that the three miniatures in question are now commercially available through several different sources. Since we have become aware of this information, we have decided not to release the models in question and will not be producing them. The original solicitations affected by this event are: 03299, 03302, and 03305. We hope we will be able to resolve this situation with Magnificent Egos amicably, but have turned the matter over to our legal counsel.


We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused our customers, and in particular, to the artist who sculpted the original pieces.

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We're working with our sculptors to have suitable replacements made quickly, since all of the involved figures were slated for release in the near future.


While I know that's not an answer, we're kind of hoping that this can go smoothly enough that nobody notices any real impact and for our fans this is a non-issue.

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