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Freebooter 5th Anniversary

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Howdy Guys,


Here's my latest. It was my entry for Ghengis Con. I had a hard time getting photos of it. I don't really understand my photo software, so it was kinda trial and error till I got a few shots that were okay. Not sure that the colors came out right, but I think it's fairly close...








Yeah.... There ya go...


Let me know what you think, eh?








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Jen, this is a VERY nice piece. Now I'm sad I didn't get to go to Genghis and see it in person!! The water effect is nicely done, perhaps the best of its type I've seen on a small display. The seaweed and rusted wire mesh add interest to the back side of the piece (something I feel is important if you're basing on a round base, which tends to eliminate the "front" and "back" dynamic. Your skintones are great, the expressions you've put on the faces of the two girls are dead on. ::): And your washed-out colors on the ship's bowspirit are wonderful and feel "true". Sharp, clean work, Best in Show well-deserved! You need to send pictures of this to Werner, I bet he would LOVE to see it (hmmm, or maybe I will email him and point him to this thread!). ::D:


Great work!!


--Anne ::):

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I'm really surprised there aren't more responses to this thread yet.


What I've noticed about looking at these pictures after seeing it in person is that the worn bleached wood effect doesn't seem to come off as well in the photos.


I kept staring at this mini over this weekend marveling at the progression that Jen has made in the past year.

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