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03268 Hargak the Flayer


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Here's a suggestion , maybe a blended grey to black nmm . :poke:

Yeah. You can kinda see where I started to... :poke:


Awesome job with your red-fu. I'm green with envy of your skill.


Thanks! For some reason, red's not nearly the pain it used to be for me.


The red armour came out looking awesome.

Red is such a royal pain in the arse, well...at least for me it is.

Nice job Kel...you win the big prize!


COOL! What do I get! Prezzies???? :lol:

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Hey, I have been looking at this guy for a particular purpose. But, it all depends on how big he is. Is he a standard base or large base? How tall does he compare to other models?


Hey Jason! He's a hulking brute of a fig. He's as wide as he is tall, really. The base is a Reaper regular sized battle base/drop-in dealy thing.

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