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Wrere my Sellers at?


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To get back on topic. The changes to feedback on eBay will make it useless. Since there can't be accurate feedback left for buyers then feedback won't be given. It was pretty well used when voluntary but now that the options are so limited (buyers are always great, sellers suxor) it won't matter.


There's been discussion about these changes being made to drive off the smaller sellers and the non-professional power sellers and that seems a fairly reasonable assumption. But the small sellers of oddities are what made the site what it is today and if people can't find the small, hard to find items then there is no reason for them to go there at all.


I really hope they reverse at least the feedback changes. The fees are here to stay, unfortunately. Just like taxes they never go down.

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Well, I'll but it behind me in a moment here, because I dislike being told I'm not intelligent.


Although my DSR rating is not as high as I would like, it is a 4.7, I have a feedback rating of 100% from 605 unique individuals. I treat my ebay auctions like a business and deal with everyone fair and honestly. I have been the seller on well over 1000 auctions and have bought my fair share of stuff as well.


I have dealt with people all over the globe; Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Norway, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain. I must be doing something right since I have lots of repeat business and have never been shafted or conned. However, just like in real life there are certain things I refuse to sell or won't buy on ebay because they are as subject to cons as much as they are in person, Magic Cards come to mind. The few times I have had a problem it has been dealt with effectively by Ebay.


Granted I suspect that I have been pretty lucky in the eight years or so since I started selling on Ebay. I'm sorry that your experiences have not been as good.


Selling Magic cards on eBay is a risky business simply because you never know if you're going to be paid and then you never know if your buyer is going to try and scam you by saying they've never received the item. However... I still sell and buy them regardless because sometimes there just isn't the market locally. I keep a list for my customers of reputable eBay and CardShark sellers of Magic Cards and a list of eBay sellers of sports cards that my customers have reported to be good folk. I stopped with the list of 'bad sellers' because it was getting to be too long and the reasons were trifles.. One customer complained because several sellers re-used rigid toploaders instead of sending his cards in brand, new ones.


My lil' book says I have shipped to Colorado... My feedback rating took a hit because First Class International Mail is apparently really slow to the Czech Republic and their customs officials are exacting when it comes to proper spacing.

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I used to do a whole lot of selling of gaming stuff. I honestly havent done much in a couple years though I have a stack of ElfQuest comics and books, as well as couple of limited edition minis that I need to get off my butt and actually list.

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I used to sell painted minis on ebay fairly regularly (well, 1 or 2 minis a month or so), but around last year I got out of the habit and then when I started painting again I couldn't bear to part with anything I'd painted that wasn't commission.. *sigh*


Luckily, I got plenty of display case space before it becomes urgent.. ;)



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I do a bit of selling. Nothing too exciting, but usually just stuff that is not right for the local market or the forums I trade on.

I am not too impressed with the new changes, however there may be one up side to all of this.

With the buyers not getting negged now it may bring shipping prices more in line with actuall shipping and put an end to people trying to make their money off of shipping.

I only say this because now I think more people will not bother to pay attention to the shipping and just bid on stuff. When they find out the shipping is way too high there will really be nothing to punish them for not paying.

If I understand the new changes.


I actually think I will start selling more on ebay as I need to cull my stuff. Minis, games, toys, and such I've had piled up or get as extra stuff in trades over the years.

Most of my selling is not on ebay right now though. I deal in a lot of used parts for arcade machines and such and there are better places for stuff like that.


I think ebay is good though when you just want something sold, as don't think anything I have put up has never gone unsold.

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You can report a non-paying bidder, and ebay doesn't like them-so if too many people do that, the buyer will get banned.


All it takes is two reports and that buyer is gone. If you're the third person reporting that buyer as a non-paying bidder it takes you right to the screen where you are awarded your Final Value Fee credit instead of having to wait out the 7 days response period. My luck, and the nature of my eBay items, leaves me the first and third person usually ::P:

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