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Fountain with Red Granite Accents

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Okee - I didn't post this as a WIP because frankly it wasn't that interesting. My blog (linkie in signature) goes through the process in agonizing detail. This took longer than it should because I did a stupid. But that's nothing new.




Behold my new fountain! It's based so I can incorporate it into my modular dungeon. And tucked away in the center where you can't see it very well is a Reaper piece posing as a statue.


Comments, suggestions, etc.


Edit - detail shot added by request.


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You don't want to see what I will make if I can find the right cherub status. It will just be .. wrong.

I'm guessing you're thinking about one of those 'urintaing cherubim' fountains? I always thought those were sort of gross too, but for some reason they're common enough - go figure. I just had a flashback to that scene in the Autin Powers movie with the fountain statues... Now that was just wrong. But funny too - I'm glad they did it, so I'll have to give you the official go-ahead on your idea too I guess. :o)


Nice work on this one, BTW, love the water effects & all. I really gotta do more with my HA molds before my big box of dental plaster turns into a brick...



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The blog doesn't go into the water effects because they're exactly the ones described in various places on the Hirst Arts site. Envirotex Lite tinted with Reaper inks for the water. Fishing line and 5 minute epoxy for the founts.


Of course there's more to it than that. I used 15 minute epoxy to seal anywhere I would have water so it wouldn't seep out. And it does seep out if you don't seal it. I've found that 15 minute epoxy is easier for me to use when sealing than 5 minute, that's the only reason for the change-up.


I'm making some smaller decorative fountains for dungeon decor and have a couple of ideas for other items that incorporate water effects. They're just too cool not to use.


(And I hope to try out the red ink for a blood fountain in the near future.)


Thanks everyone for the comments. It makes me want to make more!

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Sweet! :wub:


One of these days if I ever have the time and the space to do it I want to start building this stuff. Build a dice rolling tower for my friend LSH, and build some other cool stuff for my Boyfriend as well. I could make some awesome mini bases with it too.


I wonder what the entire fountain would look like done in the red granite instead of stone with granite accents?


Do you want cherub minis or Cherub molds Rastl? Because some Candy mold makers have Cherub molds. I know we had a Wilton candy mold for Valentines Day at my Michaels that had Cherubs in it.

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I think the fountain would lose a lot of the 'impact' if it was entirely done in red granite, personally. I wanted to use it to accent the chipped stone so only the smooth pieces got the faux paint.


When and if I find cherubs or other fey minis I'll know it's time to make those fountains. For now I have enough projects going to keep me busy for quite a while.


My latest pieces have both black marble and alabaster. My alabaster technique needs a little work but for now it looks fine.


I'll have piccies of those when I get them done. <_<

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Rastl this is le awesome. I really like it and pointed it out to my boyfriend. Both of us have worked with the Hirst Arts stuffs making our own modular dungeon and have said that we would like to do some of these water pieces but that is WAY down the road for us. But this is an awesome design for a fountain.



I would be curious to see how you planned out your modular dungeon because we had made some concessions in order to better deal with walls aligning while staying as modular as possible. We decided to place the walls in the middle and then have pluses and t-shaped pieces for corners. Oh boy do I wish I had been able to borrow a camera, because sometimes a picture really does save me typing a 1000 words. I would like to see how you solved some of the same issues we encountered.



Also.... :blush: I am fairly positive I have used a male pronoun when referring to you in the past. :blink: I'm sorry! I know just because it's the internet I shouldn't assume people are guys! Can you forgive me? ::(:





And Enchantra, building these things don't take as much room as you would think. My boyfriend and I built a large modular dungeon on our kitchen table. (Our old apartment had no space at all) We even were able to keep the table functioning as a kitchen table for the family while doing so.... well most of the time anyways. :lol:

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Some of the other people who have dungeons have gone with the centered wall approach as well. Big 'display items' like this work in just fine if you make some empty floor sections so you're not right up against the walls.


There were do many other things I should have been doing for my dungeon but I wanted a fountain, darn it all, so I made one. My only resolution this year is to slow down when doing things like this and enjoy the process. I have a few things I've rushed and I'm never as happy with them as when I take my time.


So I enjoyed every step of the process of making this fountain. The decorative paint idea didn't come to me until after it was assembled but that's what has happened with all the pieces I'm doing faux on now. I have most of an arena cast up so all the detail pieces are attached. That means painting the fun stuff in place. I'll learn eventually.


I can't wait for you to get your hands on a camera so I can see pictures of your dungeon. New dungeons are always fun!

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